A double-sided trusteeship is an appropriate restructuring tool to carry out an out-of-court restructuring. It allows the stabilization and subsequent turnaround of a troubled or even insolvent company in a quiet and discrete fashion. WELLENSIEK has set up and put to work numerous trusteeships for companies of all sizes, stretching from regional middle market companies to global group of companies.
As a general rule, the continuation of a troubled company requires foremost additional liquidity. In practice, however, the creditors are seldomly willing to provide fresh money without first obtaining new collateral. In addition to new funding, crises situations call for close and goal driven cooperation of all stakeholders to secure short term restructuring solutions.

Often, the much needed trust in the relationships between the key decision makers has suffered (and sometimes vanished completely), an element that frequently causes a slowdown or even halt in the time critical decision making process.

Such difficult situations call for the engagement of a professional and neutral mediator who serves as a moderator between the opposing interests of the stakeholders.
The double-sided trusteeship has evolved as a restructuring tool successfully designed and carefully admitted in practice by WELLENSIEK in companies in all different sectors and across all industries and company formats. The double-sided trusteeship proved in various cases as the method of choice to allow an amicable out-of-court-restructuring and to balance out the opposing interests of the stakeholders. The double-sided trusteeship has emerged as a successful tool to preserve most of the value of troubled businesses.