Restructuring Advisory
WELLENSIEK develops and puts in place legally and economically viable solutions for distressed companies as to overcome their current crises. In the event an out-of-court restructuring is neither feasible nor advisable under the circumstances, we can shift instantly to an in-court-restructuring scenario by preparing and filing the needed insolvency applications and taking those actions needed to kick-off the process and steer through formal in-court-insolvency proceedings.
In recent years, it became increasingly difficult to draw a clear line of distinction between phases of growth and phases of decline. As a matter of fact, scenarios that show characteristics of both at the same time seem to become the new normal: Traditional business models erode while new ideas and approaches create new perspectives, often triggered by game changing new technologies and global competition.

These fundamental changes leave its marks in geography: Some regions seem to boom while others become slightly irrelevant. The export-driven German economy is particularly exposed and affected by such cataclysms.

WELLENSIEK represents all different types of companies throughout all phases of the restructuring cycle, including the restructuring of the corporate structures in groups of company settings and the financing structure in out-of-court-restructurings as well as the state of the art preparation and filling of insolvency applications directed at the initiation of formal in-court-restructurings.
With more than half a century of relevant experience in restructurings and insolvency proceedings across all industries and sectors, we are able to develop, implement and execute economically viable solutions in the appropriate legal settings and framework. We actively represent all different types of clients in cross-border related restructurings and cross-border related distressed M&A assignments, supported by a reliable international network.