Insolvency Administration
WELLENSIEK's focus has traditionally been corporate insolvency administration. We strive to continue the business operations of the debtor and to implement recovery solutions in the interests of creditors and employees.
An insolvency should be viewed as a great opportunity to set the basis for a fresh start: It allows to remove the causes for illiquidity and/or over-indebtedness of the debtor´s business and to carve out the viable parts of the failing business and put those back on a growth track. In the course of this, we maintain a strict focus on implementation.

This approach is the result of our experience from half century of dealing with insolvency proceedings and particularly close consultation with insolvency courts and creditors' committees in literally over one thousand corporate insolvency cases.
Whenever feasible, it has been our long standing approach to continue the struggling business operations in order to achieve higher rates of satisfaction for the creditors, preserve as many jobs possible, and provide for a letter result for all stakeholders in an insolvency proceeding in general. For many years, it has been our practice to generate a better outcome for all those involved in ongoing insolvency proceedings by continuing with the business operations and, in this way, safeguarding a company's jobs and assets that can form part of a recovery.