Board Advisory
WELLENSIEK represents managing directors, board members and decisions makers in all aspects of their legal obligations in a crises of the company and/or an insolvency proceeding. We intentionally do not limit our sight to legal aspects only but also undertake an analysis of the business in question.
Under many aspects, it is quite a challenge for the management when a company slips into a crisis. This holds true not only from an operational perspective but encompases the financial restructuring just as well. It is of paramount significance to maintain at all times a clear view on the multifaceted legal obligations intrinsic to all complex corporate restructurings. We successfully navigate decision makers through all phases of corporate crises and have built a strong practice over several decades of experience.
Our attorneys are highly skilled and experienced to approach and cover the needs of our clients in special situations not only under legal aspects but also with solid business judgment and particular close scrutiny on the liquidity situation, including frequently updated cash flow planning.