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Wellensiek can look back on a history that is rich in tradition. In 1899, Dr. Wilhelm Moufang founded his own law firm in Heidelberg, which later operated under the name "Drs. Moufang, Moufang and Moufang". In 1960, Dr. Jobst Wellensiek, a step-grandson of the founder, joined the law firm as an attorney and, shortly thereafter, was appointed as a bankruptcy administrator for the first time.

In the decades that followed, Dr. Jobst Wellensiek was a pioneer who shaped the field of bankruptcy administration in Germany. He established the so-called transferred reorganization and, thus, the sale of the assets of a debtor company from the bankruptcy assets, which has served as a model for present-day insolvency administration.

Dr. Jobst Wellensiek and his team have been entrusted with the administration of bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings throughout Germany, including for companies such as Maximilianshütte (1987), Interflug (1991), Klöckner-Werke (1993), Stahl- und Walzwerk Riesa (1993), Bremer Vulkan Verbund (1996), Hornitex Gruppe (2001), Peguform (2002), BBS Kraftfahrzeugtechnik (2007), Stankiewicz (2009), Meteor (2012), Praktiker and Max Bahr (2013). Furthermore, from the mid 90s, the consulting business including trusteeships was built up in view of, for example, Ihr Platz (2005, Opel (2008) or Loewe (2013). Moreover, Wellensiek has worked in an advisory capacity for numerous managing directors, executive and supervisory boards in crisis situations.